Thomas Contracting

Thomas Contracting is one of Australia’s leading maintenance and refurbishment companies that specialises in the hazardous paint removal, corrosion control, structural steel repairs and fabrication, abrasive blasting, specialised access and containment systems, various protective coating specifications, concrete repairs, timber repairs and rigging across varied structures.

We pride ourselves in being able provide complete solutions to solve complex business challenges in partnership with client’s in the best cost effective way that provides the least impact to the public while still providing environmental protection. We are committed to providing these services and materials consistent with the standards and requirements of each individual client to ensure our customer satisfaction.

We have Accreditation for Quality (ISO 9001), Work Health & Safety (AS 4801), Environment (ISO 14001) and the Federal Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) to full level 5 for the safe removal of hazardous paint systems. Our Work Health & Safety System is also certified to the requirements of the NSW Government Guidelines.

Our key flexibility is our mobility to quickly establish and maintain our equipment and site office at remote locations where ever projects are occurring using the most modern and up-to-date equipment and technology and backed by meaningful guarantees for all work we carry out.


  • Access & Containment Systems
  • Bridge Bearing Replacement
  • Steel repairs
  • Maintenance Painting
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Timber Deck Replacement
  • Cladding Replacement
  • Specialized Painting
  • Community Projects